About Us

The ethos around our school is about being different, offering an alternative to mainstream education and engagement that identifies with the differences in young people, the challenges they face, and their aspirations.

We recognize that every young person is different and as such treat them this way, offering support that is individualized and personal that will generate the best possible outcomes.

Our Academic Ethos

Small groups and high levels of support

High levels of individual attention are central to achieving our aims, and the school’s excellent staff to pupil ratio is a minimum 1:6. Small class sizes mean that teachers spend more time focusing on teaching and giving individual attention to each student to support them with their own unique needs.

Discovering and developing potential and ability

Through assessment and partnership working across multi-agencies we are able to fully assess the needs of each individual referred to our service. We are then able to explore potential ability and preferences through a broad and balance educational experience. Unity School is not affiliated to any specific religion and values diversity and equality in its everyday practice.

Student Ethos

Emotional Resilience

An important part of growing up and becoming a productive young adult is developing sufficient emotional resilience to cope with independence. We work hard to give young people to right coping strategies once we’ve assessed their needs, important for dealing with issues and problems they may face through to adulthood.

Broadening cultural understanding and knowledge

We believe that a broader range of cultural experiences compliment the way a young person grows up. To see a bigger city, to travel by train, to visit diverse communities or taste new foods all combine to raise aspirations and ambitions.

Raising Aspirations and developing positive attitudes

Our staff team work hard to set a positive example and challenge negative views and opinions. Our curriculum seeks opportunities to utilise issues and attitudes as a source of exploration and learning in order to better equip young people with knowledge of the outside world.

Developing skills to lead a productive adult life

We use vocational activities — our PHSEE curriculum combined with basic Functional Skills development as the basis of the foundations for progression into leading a productive life economically, emotionally and socially.