Welcome to Unity School

Unity aims to provide equal opportunities for all young people to achieve and develop into positive young citizens. For some this may require developing existing skills and capabilities and for others it may mean exploring and harnessing their potential. For both it means a supportive and innovative way of working that helps our young people become productive young adults.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be the leading special school providing programmes and activities in Staffordshire. We aim to engage, empower and develop the young people we work with to improve outcomes both personally and academically.

School Aims

To create equality of opportunity in learning for all young people.

To promote a partnership approach to learning through school staff, students, family, social care, and the wider agency partners.

To develop all students personal, social and emotional skills together with improved confidence, self-esteem and sense of identity.

To prepare students with the skills they require to become productive and positive young adults with the ability to further education or seek employment.

About Us